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Prov. Men’s Indoor Champ

Congratulations to John Bjornson on capturing the Mb. indoor singles championship. In the last five national singles championships, John has won two gold and three silver, a truly amazing feat. John will be looking to add to his impressive medal count in early Nov. at the beautiful indoor facility in Vancouver when he takes on some of the better players across the country in singles. The local lawn bowling community wishes John every success in his upcoming competition.

National  Outdoor Singles Champions Crowned

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The singles winners have been crowned in Wpg. amid weather that was virtually perfect outside of a few frosty mornings, and a windy medals day. 32 men and 11 ladies were in the competition.

On the men’s side, three locals, Jerome Kirby, John Bjornson and Kevin Dusablon all made it to the quarter finals. The last time the competition was held here in 2015 it was two locals, John Bjornson and Leo Dusablon going for gold. This year was no exception with two locals, Jerome Kirby and John Bjornson going for gold. John Bjornson had won gold and silver the previous two years in this competition. How-ever, this was Jerome Kirby’s break through year snagging the elusive and coveted gold title with John taking silver. Jerome has worked diligently at perfecting the sport, and now he has the coveted gold title to show for all his effort. The solid gold champ will be off to Australia in late 2018 to compete against some of the best on the planet in this discipline. Mb. as well as the rest of the lawn bowling country wishes Jerome all the best in his future completion. David-James Smith, a talented bowler from Quebec, won bronze.

On the ladies side it was Mary Wright of B.C. winning gold. This marks two years in a row Mary has won gold. Jordan Kos, a youthful and talented bowler from Sask. walked away with silver. Marie Taylor, also of B.C., won bronze. Mary Wright and Pat Bird will be off to champion of champions in Australia in October. The lawn bowling country wishes these two great bowlers every success at their future competition.

Senior Mb. Ladies Take Home Silver


Congratulations to the Mb. senior ladies on winning silver. In a close gold medal match the threesome were one down coming home giving up one more in the final end to lose 12-10. This marks the first trip to the  senior nationals for Sharon Lozinski bringing home silver. That’s quite an accomplishment to be proud of. This also marks the second medal for Clarice Fitzpatrick this summer having won national ladies pairs with daughter Shirley. Well done gals. You had a very good week.

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The Golden Girls In Victoria

The mother and daughter duo of Clarice Firzpatrick and Shirley Fitzpatrick Wong captured gold in women’s pairs. This is sweet deja vu for the duo having won gold in this discipline in 2009 at the very same venue. Great job family team. Mb. is very proud of you and your accomplishment.

Mb. Women’s Fours Take Home Silver

The Mb. fours team of Sandra Mulholland, Brenda Frank, Betty Van Walleghem and Elaine Jones took home silver. They were up against a strong B.C. team that went through round robin unbeaten. Sandra, Betty, and Elaine have won many medals between them representing Mb. very well at numerous nationals. This year they have a newbie on their team, Brenda Frank. First nationals are very special for anybody, never mind winning silver at your first national. There is not too many newbie’s to the nationals that can make that claim. Great job gals. Mb. is very proud of you and your accomplishment.

Rob Law Wins Bronze


Congratulations to Rob Law on winning the bronze metal in the U25. Rob is the only person that can say he beat the gold medal winner not once, but twice, and in the same day as well. Well done Rob. Congratulations also to Cameron Lafresne of Nova Scotia and Carah Webster on B.C. on their gold medal wins. They’ll be of to Australia to compete in the world youth champi0nships this winter.


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