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Saturday, March 18, 2017 at 10:00 a.m. at 1212 Dakota.

 All Clubs  Please remember that each club is to send one male and one female voting delegate.  Also, if your club is willing to host any event, please advise our Director of Competitions, Clarice Fitzpatrick, by March 10th so that this information may be included in the proposed draw schedule.  She may be reached at 204-775-1675.

All Bowlers are welcome to attend the draw meeting.  Any bowler willing to be the Event Convenor for any competition, provincial or association, please contact Clarice prior to the meeting as noted above.

Rob’s Australia Send Off

Click on link below for results for World Youth Championships March 27-April 2


 A group of about 45 people made up of Rob’s family and friends and lawn bowlers showed up Sun. March 12th to wish Rob all the best, since he’ll be Australia bound March 17 to compete against some of the best players on the planet in the under 25 category. Needless to say the competition will be tough, but Rob has turned into a fine young bowler in his own right, and will certainly do Mb. and Canada proud, along with his other team mates. The competition will be held at transplanted Canuck Ryan Bester’s home club (Broadbeach) who’s certainly been making a name for himself on the world lawn bowling stage. Enjoy the fabulous experience Rob, and we’ll certainly be happy to hear from you when you’re over there.

Bowls Canada Boulingrin Announces National Squads

Ottawa, ON. | January 31, 2017

Bowls Canada Boulingrin (BCB) is pleased to announce the selection of the 2017-18 Senior and Development Squads. Athletes from across Canada applied to be selected to only seven spots on each of the men’s and women’s senior squads.  “The smaller squad numbers will allow for more opportunities for the athletes to play together and develop the solid playing relationship required for international success. However, it definitely made for an extremely tough selection process.”  said High Performance Chairperson Don Caswell. He went on to say that BCB is committed to the principles of high performance and the players understand the challenges and hard work required to compete at the top level of international play.

These squads are in place for the next two competitive seasons.

Ryan Bester of Hanover, Ontario, 2016 World Bowls Silver medalist, will once again lead the men’s national Senior Squad.  Veterans Chris and Ryan Stadnyk will also return to the squad for another cycle.

Dropped from the squad in 2015, Greg Wilson makes a come back after spending the last two years honing his game and perfecting his skills.  New to this Senior Squad are Michael Pituley, Cameron Lefresne and Kody Olthof.  Both Pituley and Lefresne are making the transition from the Development Squad to the Senior Squad, while Olthof’s highly successful performance at the 2016 North American Challenge showed he deserved a spot on the squad.


2016 World Bowls Bronze medalist Kelly McKerihen and her World Bowls teammates Leanne Chinery, Shirley Fitzpatrick-Wong, Jacqueline Foster, and Pricilla Westlake all retain their positions on the Senior Squad.  Jordan Kos (Regina, Saskatchewan) joins Pituley and Lefresne in transitioning from the Development to Senior Squad. Rounding out the Squad is Calgary’s Joanna Cooper. Cooper made her international debut at the 2016 North American Challenge where both she and Kos demonstrated that they were ready to perform as members of Canada’s Senior Squad.


Men’s Senior Squad Women’s Senior Squad
Ryan Bester (Hanover, ON)
Cameron Lefresne (Enfield, NS)
Kody Olthof (Delhi, ON)
Michael Pituley (Regina, SK)
Chris Stadnyk (Niagara Falls, ON)
Ryan Stadnyk (Niagara Falls, ON)
Greg Wilson (Cochrane, AB)
Leanne Chinery (Auckland, NZ)
Joanna Cooper (Calgary, AB)
Shirley Fitzpatrick-Wong (Winnipeg, MB)
Jacqueline Foster (Bridgetown, NS)
Jordan Kos (Regina, SK)
Kelly McKerihen (Toronto, ON)
Pricilla Westlake (Delta, BC)

The Development Squad is part of the Bowls Canada athlete development pathway and as such focuses on those athletes who are in the earlier stages of their high performance career. It provides an opportunity to introduce up and coming talent to the structure and demands of a high performance environment.  “It is great to see three athletes make the jump from Development Squad to Senior Squad this year”, stated Bowls Canada Executive Director Anna Mees.  “Preparing athletes to make this transition is one of the primary goals of the Development Squad program”.


Men’s Development Squad Women’s Development Squad
Lucas Caldwell (Peterborough, ON)
Rob Law (Winnipeg, MB)
David-James Smith (Montreal, QC)
Grant Wilkie (Saskatoon, SK)
Emma Boyd (Delta, BC)
Nicole LeBlanc (Uxbridge, ON)
Baylee van Steijn (Gore’s Landing, ON)
Carah Webster (Victoria, BC)


“We would like to acknowledge the service and commitment of previous squad athletes who were not selected,” said Caswell. “We also acknowledge those who removed themselves from the selection process and wish them the very best with this next phase of their lives.”

Venues Announced for 2017 National Championships

Ottawa, Ontario | January 13th, 2017

Bowls Canada is excited to announce the venues for the 2017 National Championships.

Dartmouth Lawn Bowling Club will be hosting the 2017 Canadian Junior and Under 25 Championships, from July 31st – August 7th, 2017.  After a 12 year absence from Nova Scotia, the top national junior event is heading back.  The chair for the event is Ann Marie Siteman. Her experience traveling to many national championships with her son John will be a significant asset for the 2017 event.  The Dartmouth LBC most recently co-hosted the 2016 Canadian Senior Triples Championships in August.  They are the largest club in Nova Scotia with over 130 members playing on the artificial turf green.

The Canadian Lawn Bowling Championships will be hosted at the Juan de Fuca Lawn Bowling Club in beautiful Victoria, British Columbia from August 13th – 19th, 2017.  Juan de Fuca is no stranger to hosting high calibre events, as they are the only club in British Columbia with a four grass green facility.  In 2009, Juan de Fuca hosted the Canadian Championships followed by the North American Challenge in 2012.  Davie Mathie will be the chair for this event.

Peterborough Lawn Bowling Club will host the Canadian Senior Triples Championships from August 24th-30th in Peterborough, Ontario.  The club successfully hosted this event in 2013 and is excited to once again welcome Canada’s top Senior Triples teams to their two green facility.  In 2012, the Peterborough LBC partnered with the Whitlaw Mariners Senior Club to construct a beautiful new clubhouse.  The chair for this event is Jeff Lawrence.

Bowls Manitoba will once again host the Outdoor Singles Championships at the Dakota Lawn Bowling Centre and Norwood Lawn Bowling Club.  The Outdoor Singles will run from September 4th – 9th in Winnipeg, Manitoba.  In 2015, Winnipeg hosted the Outdoor Singles where local resident, John Bjornson claimed the men’s title and just competed for Canada at the 2016 Champion of Champions.  The co-chairs are John Bjornson and Phil Clark.  The Host Organizing Committee is excited to have the Outdoor Singles back in Winnipeg.

Pointe-Claire Lawn Bowling Club will be hosting the Mixed Pairs Championships this year.  The event will run from September 14th-19th in Pointe-Claire, Quebec.  These Championships are one of Bowls Canada’s most popular championships as they enable men and women to compete together for a National title. This one green facility contributed to hosting the Canadian Championships back in 2012.  The chair of this event is Ann Ditmar.



Club/ Province

Junior/Under 25

July 31st – August 7th

Dartmouth LBC (Nova Scotia)

Canadian Championships

August 13th-19th

Juan de Fuca LBC
(British Columbia)

Senior Triples

August 24th-30th

Peterborough LBC (Ontario)


September 4th-9th

Norwood LBC/Dakota LBC

Mixed Pairs

September 14th-19th

Pointe-Claire LBC (Quebec)

Indoor Singles

October 29th – November 4th

PIBC (British Columbia)

Canadian Youth Getting to Roll Down Under

Ottawa, Ontario | December 22nd, 2016

Rob Law (Winnipeg, MB) and Nicole LeBlanc (Uxbridge, ON) are gearing up to join Lucas Caldwell (Peterborough, ON) and Pricilla Westlake (Delta, BC) at the 2017 World Youth Championships in Queensland, Australia.


Westlake and Caldwell were named as Canada’s first entry to the World Youth Championships based on their respective victories at the 2016 Canadian Under 25 Championships. Law and Leblanc were selected based on an application process after member national authorities were invited by World Bowls to enter a second pairing.
This will mark Westlake’s third visit to this event.  Westlake was also a member of Canada’s 2016 World Bowls Championships team that recently competed in Christchurch, New Zealand.  Caldwell, Law and LeBlanc made their debut on the international stage this past October at the 2016 North American Challenge held at the Pacific Indoor Bowls Club in Vancouver, BC.
The competition will take place from March 27th – April 2nd at the Broadbeach Bowls Club, which is the bowls venue for the 2018 Commonwealth Games and home away from home for Canada’s Ryan Bester.


The World Youth Championships are an annual outdoor championship that feature Men’s and Women’s Singles and a Mixed Pairs event.  In order to be eligible athletes must have reached their 18th birthday but not reached their 25th birthday by the start of the event. Law and Leblanc have been paired together for the Mixed Pairs event while Caldwell will team up with Westlake to take on the World’s best youth bowlers.


Darryl Fitzgerald (Waterloo, ON) has been named the coach for the World Youth Championships.  Fitzgerald will provide his coaching expertise and management support for the team of the four Canadian athletes prior to and during the Championships. “Darryl continues to demonstrate his ability to develop young athletes,” said Don Caswell, Chair of the Bowls Canada High Performance Committee, “and we are pleased to have him on board”.

For more information on the 2017 World Youth Championships, please visit: http://www.worldbowls.com/event/world-junior-cup-2/

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